Sunday, April 29, 2012


   It’s almost Beltane, a time of passion and renewed light and warmth.  This Beltane sovereignty has been on my mine a lot.  Beltane is a time of beginnings, a time of blooming before the fullness of summer, and the perfect time to claim our own inner sovereignty. 
   Take a moment to think of an aspect in your life that needs reclaiming.  See the Morrigan standing before you, she placed her hands upon your shoulders and fills you with strength, she wraps around you a regal cloak.  Know the Great Queen lives within you, claim sovereignty over your life, your destiny, your happiness, your creativity, etc.  Take a cleansing breathe and say:

“Great Queen guide us this day toward inner sovereignty and self-mastery.
Crown us with the knowledge of self, and the power to forge our own destinies in life”

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