Wednesday, August 1, 2012


   In honor of Lughnasadh here is an invocation calling upon Macha, who most likely raced against the kings horses on this festival.  Macha speaks to us both of sacrifice and harvest.  Her sacrifice brings new life, from the birth of her twins as she wins the race, yet she is also a Goddess connected to death and endings.  What lessons have you harvested?  Sacrifice what is no longer needed to Macha, and me mindful of what you wish to manifest in the days to come. 

Macha Invocation


Sovereign, Warrior, Queen,

Hoof beats echoing on the ground

Unbridled, untamed,

Fiery one of the Sun,

Mistress of all things growing and green

Crow Goddess

Predictions and omens on thy tongue

Your crop the masts of battle

All warriors in the end must give you your due

Macha, I give you honor

As the men of Ulster would not do

I call to thee Macha,

Mare Mother, Lady of Horses

I call to thee Macha,

Crow Goddess, Queen of Battle   

I call to you thee Macha,

Sovereign who blesses and keeps the land

I call to thee Macha

Bless me this Lughnasadh day!
                                                                              © Stephanie Woodfield