Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Telesummit and Awakening the Warrior Spirit Meditation

I was very happy to be a part of the Embrace the Goddess Telesummit, and thought I would share the meditation that I offered as part of the presentation.  You can hear the entire presentation and the guided meditation here:  http://www.mcssl.com/app/?Clk=5026589 (after entering you email you will receive an a link to all the speakers presentations).

I also plan on recording some guided meditations so, so stay tuned for that!  

                               Awakening the Warrior Spirit

Take a deep breathe.  Allow your arms and legs to relax.  Take another deep cleansing breathe.  See your self surrounded by a brilliant white light, and know that you will be safe and protected on our journey.  
You find yourself walking on a grassy path.  It winds across the sun lit landscape.  Off in the distance you can see an earthen mound covered in rich green grass rise above the landscape.  There is something about this place that calls to you, although you don’t know why.  Somehow you feel that all you have experienced in your life, all the trials you have faced, had lead you to this path, and is leading you to that distant mound.
 You continue walking and the mound begins to grow larger. You notice high above you a crow is circling, almost as if it is watching your progress.
You continue onward, spiraling up and up to the top of the mound.  As you reach to top you see a lagre stone that rises up from the center of the mound.  As you approach the stone you feel waves of power radiating from it, as if it is connected and rooted to the center of the earth.  And you realize this is the Hill of Tara, and this is the stone of Fal before you, the place where Celtic kings drew power and became one with the goddess of the land.  It seems to call out to you.  You feel that if you just reached out your hand at touched this magickal stone that you would have the power to achieve anything you desired. 

You begin to reach out your hand, but just before you touch the stone the light begins to fade.  Dark shadows swirl and take shape around you.  Deep in the darkness voices begins to whisper.  They echo every doubt you have ever had, they whisper the things you fear.  You feel unable to move, crippled by the things you hear.
These are all the things that are holding you back in life, all the things that prevent you from being the being of strength that you truly are.  At first you do not recognize the voices, but soon you realize it’s your own voice whispering to you, it is your own face looking back at you from the darkness.  These are your own personal shadows, your inner demons.

 But there is another voice in the darkness.  It is faint, a tiny flame struggling to stay alight, but still there.  You feel it in the beating of your heart, and deep within the core of your very being.  It whispers a name, “Morrigan”  You say it aloud and the flame within grows stronger and the shadows back away.  Again you speak the name “Morrigan!”, the whispers of the shadows stop and falter.  A third time you say the name, “ Morrigan!” you shout it, and as you do a crow calls out above. 
You look up to see the crow fluttering down, and before it touches the ground it begins to transform, until a woman in regal amour stand before you, a feathered cloak across her shoulders, a sword in hand.  Look into her face.  What does she look like?  What color is her hair, her eyes?  The Morrigan is a shapeshifter she can be old or young, fierce or compassionate.  She shifts and changes as the situation demands.  Take a moment to see how she chooses to appear to you.  What face does the Morrigan wear? 

“I am no further away than the beating of your own heart”  She tells you, “  I am the fire that does not die, the bringer of victory, the warrior who will not yield to injustice.  And I am within you.”
“I shall walk beside you, through every hardship, you have only to call my name, and I will be with you.”
“But know this, it is you who must be my champion.  It is you who must fight the battles this lifetime has placed before you.”
She places a hand on either shoulder.  You close your eyes and you feel the power of the Morrigan flow through you.  The flame within ignites from a spark to a great flame.  The warrior spirit is alive and awake within you.

“You have  everything you need within you”  She says.  “Become the here, become the champion, become the warrior.  Claim your life.”  You open your eyes and the Morrigan is gone, but as you look down you see you wear her amour, and grasp her sword in your hand. 

Within you, you feel the strength and fire of a Goddess stirring within you.  The shadows begin to whisper, but this time you face them.  With the Morrigan’s sword you charge into the darkness.  You challenge your inner demons.  As each appears before you, you cut it down, until there is silence.  The battle is won. 
The darkness dissolves and you are once again standing on the hill of Tara before the stone of Fal.  This time you reach out and touch the smooth surface of the stone.  And as you do you whisper an oath, as the kings and queens of old did.  An oath to the Goddess.  Perhaps it’s a promise to reclaim whatever part of your life you have relinquished power in.  To take on whatever challenge you have been too afraid to conquer, to claim your inner strength.  As you speak your oath know you have become the Morrigan’s champion, and she will always walk at your side.

Now take a deep breathe.  Come back to your body.  Take another deep breathe, and move your arms, stretch your legs.  Fully come back to your waking self.